After an active day, we invite you to our SPA. In our offer you can find classic and relaxing massages, face and body treatments.  Information and reservation at the hotel reception.

Face Treatments By Thalgo

Purete Marine Ritual – 229 PLN

An intensive cleansing anti-acne ritual. The treatment is designed for oily and acne skin care. It makes the skin matt and additionally thoroughly clears outlets of sebaceous glands and regulates their work preventing formation of blackheads and inflammation. The treatment may be performed one-off or in a series in order to bring full balance back to your skin.
Duration 60 minutes

Absolute Hydration Ritual -249 PLN

An intensively moisturizing treatment with Seve Bleue complex. The Seve Bleue complex provides the skin with the whole richness of sea elements: micro, macro elements and minerals which remove symptoms of skin tiredness, while, at the same time, they provide skin with radiant look. Thanks to its combination with hyaluronic acid and plant extracts, the skin remains smooth, refreshed and moisturized for a long time.
Duration: 60 minutes

Cold Cream Marine Ritual – 249 PLN

Regenerating and nourishing treatment for dry and sensitive skin. A new, wonderfully wrapping treatment, dedicated to dry and very dry skin. It soothes the feeling of tension and restores the proper lipid level to the skin.
Sea nutrients along with the cold cream marine complex eliminate the feeling of discomfort, making the skin again soft, firm and velvety smooth.
Duration: 60 minutes

Marine Sillicium Treatment – 369 PLN

A luxurious rejuvenating and lifting treatment that goes beyond classic cosmetics. The treatment shapes the face oval, relaxes and tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.
Duration up to 90 min.

Clear Expert Treatment – 349 PLN

The external and internal environment (hormonal changes, passage of time, change of seasons, sun, air pollution …) makes the skin lose its glow, firmness and freshness. It is no longer as flexible, radiant and bright. The treatment is intended for skin care with sun discoloration, age spots and pregnancy-related contraceptive pills.
Duration up to 70 min.

Ocean Treatment for Men – 219 PLN

Men’s skin is totally different than woman’s skin. The epidermis is much thicker, more strongly associated with the dermis, more resistant, which is associated with strong keratosis and increased secretion of sebum. Indications: the treatment is intended for skin care for men over 35 years of age.
Duration up to 60 min.

Micronized Marine Algae Face Ritual – 229 PLN

A treatment based on 100% micronized marine algae rich in minerals, vitamins and microelements. The treatment stimulates microcirculation of the blood, nourishes, moisturizes and detoxifies the skin. It reduces fatty deposits, eliminates excess water from tissues, improves skin structure

KOH TAO Face & body Ritual – 299 PLN

Moisturizing and energizing face and body treatment for all skin types. Relaxing ritual, which wonderfully relaxes, leaves the skin smooth, moisturized and perfectly regenerated. Indications: skin that requires hydration, smoothing and refreshing.
Duration: up to 90 min

Face Treatments By Purles

Sushi Ceremony – 169 PLN

Sushi Ceremony is an effective skin care treatment for mature skin with pigmentation changes. An essential component of the line is the extremely intensive oryzanol in action, a substance obtained from rice germs,
it helps to improve microcirculation and reduce wrinkles. During the treatment, the Special Complex of Alpine Plants is perfect against discoloration. Vitamin E together with hyaluronic acid smooth wrinkles also with restoring skin’s firmness as well as glow.
Duration up to 60min.

SensiSkin Garden Ceremony – 199 PLN

A soothing ceremony created especially for mixed or oily skin, and sensitive at the same. The bouquet of herbs and watercress will visibly reduce the seborrhea, clean the skin and protect against the occurrence of subsequent inflammation. After the ceremony, the skin is perfectly moisturized and matted. Irritations and redness become less visible.
Duration up to 60min

DNA Protection Therapy – 219 PLN

Innovative therapy designed to effectively fight against the visible consequences of oxidative stress and protect cellular DNA code of the mature skin. Complexes used in recipes, among others Anti-Pollution Oil Complex, Triple VitC System or Antioxidant Complex, provide effective anti-aging effect.

Body Treatment by Thalgo

Body Sculp Treatment – 279 PLN

Intensive modeling and anti-cellulite treatment. Increases skin elasticity and firmness. The Oxy Active technology helps restore proper oxygenation of tissues to inhibit the formation of cellulite. Sculpt Active technology effectively increases the tension in all the skin layers. It works in three directions on skin firmness – increases its elasticity and density.
Duration up to 70 min

Professional Cosmetology

Needle-free mesotherapy – treatment with Thalgo serum – 219 PLN

Cavitation peeling – 119 PLN (with treatment 39 PLN)


Classic – 89 PLN

Hybrid – 119 PLN

Gel/acrylic/hybrid removing – from 30 PLN


Classic – 119 PLN

Hybrid – 149 PLN

Gel/arilic/hybrid removing – from 30 PLN

Manicure + Pedicure

Classic – 179 PLN

Hybrid – 239 PLN

Eyelash styling

1:1, 2D: 3D Method – from 180 PLN

2D-8D Volume Russian Style


Classic – 30/60 min – 79/129 PLN

Relaxing with coconut oil – 30/60 min – 99/149 PLN

Sports massage – 30/60 min 0 99/149 PLN

By Hot Stones – 30/60 min – 99/169 PLN

Shea Butter Moisturizing – 30/ 60 min – 99/169 PLN

By Chinese cup – 30/60 min – 99/149 PLN

Head and Neck – 30 min – 99 PLN

Massage for 4 hands – massage price x2


Excellent – 569/ 659 PLN

Hybrid Pedicure, Hybrid Manicure, Face treatment , Relaxing with coconut oil

Premium – 429/529 PLN

Hybrid Manicure , Face treatment , Relaxing with coconut oil

Delux – 389/489 PLN

Classic Manicure, Face treatment, Relaxing back massage with hot, coconut oil