At Bistro Burta you can try our Chef’s specialty, who is preparing extremely good cod as well as delicious chicken soup and dumplings. In season, we serve fruit cocktails, original lemonade and ice cream desserts. On cloudy days, while resting in comfortable armchairs, we will warm you up with hot coffee and dessert of our own baking.



Fried prawns 28 PLN 

Fried prawns marinated in white wine and garlic

Salomon 18 PLN 

Smoked salmon served on a potato pancake with sour cream

Salad with tuna 21 PLN 

Mixed salad with tuna, tomato, cucumber, red onion and egg

Herring 14 PLN 

Kashubian style herring in marinated onion


Chicken broth with noodle 10 PLN 

Chicken soup with noodles, carrot and parsley

Rutabaga soup 12 PLN 

Kashubian goose rutabaga soup

Thai fish soup 19 PLN 

Thai fish soup with vegetables

Main Courses

Pork schnitzel29 PLN 

Pork loin schnitzel served with potatoes and bacon-fried cabbage

Grilled chicken breast 28 PLN 

Grilled chicken breast served on grilled vegetables with French fries

Pork ribs 29 PLN

Pork ribs stewed in vegetables with roasted potatoes

 49 PLN 

Duck leg confit served on fried red cabbage with gnocchi

Cod 19 PLN 

Fried cod fillet

Flounder 22 PLN

Pan-fried flounder

Tench fillet39 PLN 

Tench fillet served on bok choy with roasted sunflower seeds and lemon sauce

Spaghetti Napoli19 PLN


Spaghetti Napoli

Rice noodles 25 PLN


Oriental style rice noodles with mun mushrooms, mung bean sprouts, sesame seeds and sweet and sour sauce

Risotto 20 PLN


Risotto with spinach and chickpeas

Kids menu

Nuggets 23 PLN 

Chicken nuggets served with French fries

Dumplings 18 PLN 

Dumplings with strawberry filling and vanilla sauce

Turkey escalopes  25 PLN 

Turkey escalopes in dill sauce


Lava cake18 PLN 

Lava cake – chocolate fondant served with ice cream on a bed of raspberry coulis

Apple pie18 PLN 

Classic apple pie with dulce de leche sauce

Ice cream15 PLN 

Ice cream sundae – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream topped with whipped cream and raspberry sauce


Grilled vegetable7 PLN 

Roasted potatoes 5 PLN


Baked potatoes5 PLN


French fries7 PLN


Fried white cabbage6 PLN 


Fried red cabbage6 PLN 

Fried beets6 PLN

Carrot and apple salad5 PLN 

Sauerkraut salad5 PLN

Bread5 PLN 

Opening hours

Bistro Burta is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.


11 Świętopełka Street, 84-141 Jurata, Poland
tel.: +48 58 675 21 40
fax: +48 58 675 24 20

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