At Bistro Burta you can try our Chef’s specialty, who is preparing extremely good cod as well as delicious chicken soup and dumplings. In season, we serve fruit cocktails, original lemonade and ice cream desserts. On cloudy days, while resting in comfortable armchairs, we will warm you up with hot coffee and dessert of our own baking.



Herring 15 PLN 

Spice herring with cranberries and shallots served with herbal toast

Prawns 22 PLN 

Fried prawns marinated in white wine, garlic and chili

Chicken salad 22 PLN 

Lettuce with grilled chicken and broccoli served with garlic sauce

Autumn salad 19 PLN 

Autumn lettuce with cucumber, cherry tomatoes and red onions in lemon dressing with roasted pumpkin seeds


Poultry soup 12 PLN 

Poultry soup with pasta or batter noodles and carrot

Pumpkin soup 15 PLN 

Pumpkin and ginger cream with roasted garlic and roasted sunflower seeds with balsamic vinegar

Bread sourdough soup 17 PLN 

Bread sourdough soup with white sausage, vegetables, bay boletes and horseradish

Main Courses

Roasted pork19 PLN 

Roasted pork with hunter’s sauce

Chicken 17 PLN 

Chicken fillet in golden crispy batter

Turkey liver15 PLN

Turkey liver served with apples, marinated pumpkin, cranberries, and stewed in onions and marjoram

Potato and cheese dumplings 
 24 PLN 

Cheese and potato dumplings sprinkled with butter and onion

Meat dumplings 25 PLN 

Meat dumplings

Herring 16 PLN 

Herring Carcass

Cod 24 PLN

Cod fillet

Flounder23 PLN 

Fried flounder

Pike35 PLN


Pike fillet

Tagliatelle23 PLN


Tagliatelle in spinach sauce with bay boletes

Spaghetti 21 PLN


Spaghetti aglio olio with stewed kale and Parmesan

Kids menu

Chicken nuggets23 PLN 

Chicken nuggets served with French fries

Calf meatballs 23 PLN 

Calf meatballs in cream sauce served with potatoes

Penne Bolognese 17 PLN 

Penne Bolognese


Apple pie19 PLN 

Homemade apple pie served with whipped cream and raspberry sauce

Cheesecake19 PLN 

Pumpkin cheesecake with forest fruit sauce

Ice cream16 PLN 

Ice cream cup with whipped cream and chocolate sauce

Side orders

Roasted potatoes6 PLN 

Boiled potatoes6 PLN


French fries6 PLN


Gnocchi with clarified butter8 PLN

Kashotto made of pearl barley with vegetables and forest mushrooms15 PLN


Cheese snacks in golden crispy butter20 PLN



Fried beets6 PLN 

Carrot salad6 PLN

Pickle salad10 PLN 

Grilled vegetables8 PLN

Bread6 PLN

Garlic sauce1 PLN


Opening hours

Bistro Burta is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm.


11 Świętopełka Street, 84-141 Jurata, Poland
tel.: +48 58 675 21 40
fax: +48 58 675 24 20

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